Scenic Bluffs' Patient Portals

Scenic Bluffs Community Health Centers’ patient portals are secure, online websites that provide convenient, 24-hour access to a portion of your own personal health information.

The Healow Patient Portal provides access to your medical, behavioral health, chiropractic, acupuncture and massage therapy health information from appointments at Scenic Bluffs. Healow can also be used for your medical and behavioral health Virtual Visits.

The Dental Patient Portal provides access to your dental health information from appointments at Scenic Bluffs.

Sign up for Healow and Dental Patient Portals

If you are not currently signed up for your patients portals, please fill out this Patient Portal Access Request form to get started. Para espanol: Solicitud de acceso al portal del paciente)

If you are requesting portal access for another patient you should do one of the following:

Healow Patient Portal
  • Schedule an appointment
  • View medical history
  • Check lab results
  • Update personal information
  • Send a message to your provider
  • View upcoming appointments and due dates
  • Have a Virtual Visit with your medical or behavioral health provider


Patient Portal Password Guidelines

Please be aware eCW has updated the rules for password creation on the patient portal:

Password must be at least 8 characters and include:

  • uppercase and lowercase letters
  • a symbol
  • a number

Do not

  • use words that can be found in the dictionary
  • use a password that contains personal information
  • use keyboard patterns (qwerty)
  • use sequential numbers (1234)
  • make your password all numbers, uppercase or lowercase letters
  • use repeating characters (aaazzz)

If these guidelines are not followed and you click the next button, you will not be able to finish logging into your portal. You will stay on the same screen until you create a password that follows the above password guidelines.

Healow Patient Portal Login


Dental Patient Portal
  • Sign up for access during your dental visit
  • View your visit summaries
  • Send and receive messages from your dental providers

Dental Portal Login