COVID-19 Patient & Community Information

At Scenic Bluffs Community Health Centers, we continue to monitor COVID-19 and provide our patients and community members with the most up-to-date information from the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). We are following all state and federal recommendations and using the highest infection control standards to ensure all of our patients stay healthy. 

Get Vaccinated for COVID-19

Stopping the spread of COVID-19 requires all of the tools available. Together, vaccination and important public health practices offer the best protection form COVID-19. There are many reasons why people choose to get vaccinate for COVID-19. Learn more about COVID-19 vaccine and getting vaccinated here.

To schedule an appointment for your COVID-19 vaccine, follow the link below:
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COVID-19 Testing at Scenic Bluffs

Is COVID-19 testing free at Scenic Bluffs?

  • Most insurances cover the cost of an appointment for COVID-19 testing.
    • If you are receiving testing due to an external organization requiring it (employer, school, etc.) your insurance may not cover and you are responsible for any costs accrued.
  • If your insurance does not cover the cost of COVID-19 testing, you may be charged for an office visit, lab and/or specimen handling fee.
  • Our Healthy Neighbor Plan sliding-fee scale does apply to COVID-19 testing.
  • You can request a waiver of charges if you cannot afford testing and it is not covered by your insurance.
Changes in Health Center operations:

We are taking the following steps to ensure the health of patients. Please review the information below before your appointment:

  • With the increase of COVID-19 in our region, we ask that you do not bring additional people to your appointments that do not need to be there. Those without an appointment will be asked to wait outside.
  • Upon entering our facility, you will be screened for respiratory illness. 
  • All patients will be provided with a cloth mask, if they do not have one.
  • Patients will be instructed to keep their mask on for the appointment. 
  • If you have an upcoming appointment, you may receive a phone call prior to your appointment with respiratory illness screening questions.
  • We are asking anyone experiencing active respiratory illnesses  (fever, cough, shortness of breath) to please CALL the health center before coming in.
Community Conference Rooms
  • Our conference rooms at the Cashton Health Center will be closed for public use through December 2021.
  • The Norwalk Activity Center at our Norwalk Health Center will be closed for public use through December 2021.
Medical Update:
  • Medical appointments are available at both our Cashton and Norwalk Health Centers. Appointments can be provided face-to-face at one of our Health Centers, or by a Virtual Visit (appointments available by video).
  • Curbside medical and lab services may also be available to patients, depending on the circumstances.
  • We are available to do COVID-19 testing and follow guidelines from the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). 
  • Please do not let cost keep you from talking with us if you have COVID-19 symptoms.
Dental Update: 
  • Our Dental department is open for hygiene, pain, emergency and some other limited  appointments. If you are in urgent need, please call our dental department at 608-654-5100 extension 212.
Behavioral Health Update:
  • We are currently delivering behavioral health/AODA services. Appointments can be provided face-to face at our Cashton Health Center, or by a Virtual Visit (appointments available by video).
Complementary Therapies Update:
  • Chiropractic services are available at both our Cashton and Norwalk Health Centers.
  • Acupuncture services are available at our Cashton Health Center on Mondays.
Pharmacy Update:
  • Our Pharmacy remains open and available to our patients. Please know you will need to be screened when coming into the Cashton Health Centers to pick-up your prescriptions.
Community Resources Available:
  • If you are in need of community resources during this time, our Help Team can assist you in getting connected with local resources. They are available by phone at 608-654-5100 extension 232.
  • We offer a sliding-fee scale program, called the Healthy Neighbor Plan, that may reduce your cost for care. Eligibility for this program is based off of your household size and income. This is a completely confidential service. All are encouraged to apply.
COVID-19 Resource and Information

For additional information on COVID-19 and the COVID-19 vaccines, please follow the link below:

COVID-19 Resources