Elizabeth Bade, MD

Elizabeth Bade, MD

Physician and Medical Director at Scenic Bluffs Community Health Center

  • Graduated from University of WI Madison School of Medicine and Public Health with a doctorate of medicine. 
  • Completed residency in Family Medicine at Aurura St. Lukes in Milwaukee. 
  • Board Certified in Family Medicine, additional training in women’s health services including colposcopy.

Interests and Hobbies:
She enjoys spending time with family and friends, hiking, reading, laughing, traveling, sky diving, riding her motorcycle, or whatever other crazy thing her husband has convinced her to try lately. 

Dr. Bade has more than 10 years of patient care experience, both as a clinician and an associate professor of medicine at UW school of medicine and public health.  Prior to working here at Scenic Bluffs, Dr. Bade was a faculty member at a residency program and had a clinical practice in Milwaukee.  Her career has focused on community health, and she has published articles on her research in that area in multiple medical journals. 

Philosophy of Care: 
“I want to form a partnership with my patients by providing the necessary tools and opportunities for them to live a healthier life. I understand that ‘health’ is more than the absence of disease and use a holistic approach to address a patient’s needs – whatever their current life circumstances.”